Stop Collection Agent Calls in Hawaii

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Debt collectors. They are rude, intimidating and ruthless, threatening lawsuits, wage garnishments and seizures of bank accounts. They call day and night, every day and every night. And they often break the law, specifically a set of laws called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). I could tell you about all the actions you could take […]

Stimulus Relief Is On The Way for Hawaii Residents In Need.

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Congress just passed the newest COVID-19 stimulus relief package and President Biden will sign it within the next couple of days. Over 6 billion dollars will given to Hawaii, providing, among other items, direct relief as well as a very important child tax credit that should help over 250,000 children’s families.

The Best Solution For Student Loan Relief

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This professor from Yale Law School has the right idea about student loan relief. President Biden can take executive action to make student loans, currently difficult to wipe out in bankruptcy, just as easy to discharge as credit card debt. Even if he doesn’t, I believe that Congress will create a law that will have […]

New Stimulus Check Status

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It is possible that we will see a new stimulus check as early as the end of this month. It could be as much as $1,400 per person ($2,800 if you are married). However, all of this depends on how the Republicans in the Senate vote. Subscribe to stay informed.  

Who is Most at Risk for Financial Ruin When the Pandemic Protections End

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With state courts largely closed to many hearings regarding debt collections, one obvious consumer target are those with credit card debt. Wage garnishments are already happening across America and more and more citizens with debt are being garnished even while less court hearings are taking place. To prepare for the onslaught of lawsuits, attorneys are […]

Do I Pay Taxes On My Debt?

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Tax Consequences of Debt Relief Services There are often significant tax consequences for non-bankruptcy debt relief. “If you receive a 1099-C tax form – sent from lenders to borrowers who had $600 or more of debt canceled during the year – you must claim the amount shown on your 1099-C tax form as income for […]

Will My Debt Become My Childrens Debt?

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Understanding Liability for Debt from Deceased – Protect Your Future Generations According to, “No one has an obligation to pay the debts of a deceased person who was not their spouse. And even a spouse’s obligation may be limited under state probate law. That’s why the FTC advises consumers that if there isn’t enough […]